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A Fresh Start with Exciting Renovations and

The Grove Victoria, located in Victoria, Texas, is undergoing an exciting transformation under new ownership and management by Asset Living. With a dedicated team and a vision for enhancing residents’ living experiences, The Grove Victoria is implementing a series of improvements to create a modern and inviting community. This article highlights the completed renovations, ongoing upgrades, and upcoming additions that will make The Grove Victoria a desirable place to call home.

New Ownership and Management

In April 2022, The Grove Victoria welcomed new ownership and management through Asset Living. With an on-site owner-represented property manager, the community benefits from a dynamic team committed to providing exceptional service and enhancing the overall resident experience.

Completed Improvements

Since the transition, The Grove Victoria has significantly improved its infrastructure and living spaces. The following renovations have been successfully completed:

  1. Driveway Repaving: The driveway surface has been repaved, ensuring a smooth and safe driving experience for residents and visitors.
  2. Unit Landings Repair: Unit landings have been repaired to ensure structural integrity and enhance the community’s overall appearance.
  3. Laundry Room Renovations: All three laundry rooms have been renovated and equipped with new washers and dryers, providing residents with modern and efficient laundry facilities.
  4. Unit Rehab and Updates: The remaining units will undergo rehabilitation and updates as tenants relocate, ensuring a consistent and upgraded living experience throughout the community.

Ongoing Upgrades

The Grove Victoria’s commitment to improvement extends beyond completed renovations. The community is currently in the process of implementing several ongoing upgrades, including:

  1. Exterior Updates: The community’s exterior is refreshed with paint and a modern design, enhancing curb appeal and creating a welcoming atmosphere.
  2. New Patio Enclosures: Adding new patio enclosures will provide residents with private outdoor spaces, perfect for relaxation and enjoyment.
  3. Unit Rehab and Updates: The remaining units will undergo rehabilitation and updates as tenants relocate, ensuring a consistent and upgraded living experience throughout the community.

Upcoming Additions

The Grove Victoria has exciting plans for future additions that will further elevate the living experience for residents. These include:

  1. New Landscaping: A new landscaping plan will be implemented to enhance the community’s green spaces and create a visually appealing environment.
  2. Pool Area Refurbishment: The pool area will be refurbished, providing residents with a refreshed and inviting space to enjoy outdoor activities and socialize.
  3. Fully Renovated Units: A block of units will undergo a complete renovation, incorporating modern conveniences and new appliances, creating contemporary living spaces that cater to residents’ needs
  4. Additional Outdoor Grilling and Entertainment Area: To further promote community and leisure, The Grove Victoria will add a second dedicated outdoor grilling and entertainment area, providing residents with additional options for outdoor gatherings and relaxation.

‍Under new ownership and management, The Grove Victoria is undergoing a series of renovations, upgrades, and additions to enhance the living experience for its residents. With completed improvements, ongoing upgrades, and upcoming additions, The Grove Victoria is poised to become a sought-after community in Victoria, Texas. The commitment to creating modern and inviting living spaces, coupled with a focus on resident satisfaction, sets The Grove Victoria apart as a place residents will proudly call home.

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Photo Courtesy of Victoria Advocate. Peter Farkas, one of the owners of The Grove Victoria stands in front of improved building.